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iPhone 4G Rumours

Posted By Hadi On Tuesday, February 02, 2010 Under

Android’s based-smartphone such as Motorola Milestone, HTC and Google ‘superphone’ the Nexus One have arrived as becoming potential ‘iPhone killers’. They offer some features which are not included in the last iPhone series (3GS). The next Apple smartphone, called iPhone 4G or iPhone 4, should have to gather the ‘missing’.
After iPad released, iPhone 4G will be noticeably as the next piece of Apple technology being discussed. So, what do we know about the iPhone 4G? Some rumours have spread out of how the Apple’s next smartphone should take shape.
GSM 4G support: the speed of data transfer up to 100 Mbps will significantly give better access to the internet

OLED screen: some portable devices (such as Zune HD and Sony’s X-Series Walkman) have successfully incorporated the energy-friendly OLED for their screen. Indeed, brighter and more colorful screen of iPhone 4G with OLED could become the arsenal for smartphone competition. Also, the use of OLED screen will deliver better battery life

LED flash and 5-Megapixel camera: the previous iPhone camera is fall behind the competitors. Apple takes this issue seriously by collaboration with Omnivision, in which the company will supply Apple with 40-45 million 5-megapixel image sensor units in 2010.

Dual core processor: HTC HD2 and Google Nexus One pack Qualcomm’s speed at 1 GHz Snapdragon processor. Apple is rumoured to integrate a ARM Cortex A9 dual-core processor (the clock speed exceeds to 2 GHz) into the next iPhone

Touch-sensitive case: according to Goldman Sachs’ analyst, Robert Chen, the next iPhone will sport multi-touch technology that covers the body of the handset to create a new innovative way to control your iPhone.

Removable battery: getting to grips with smartphone's power source has been a particular issue for many an iPhone owner, but patents spotted by The Register suggest Apple may be about to change all that. Abandoning the use of non-user serviceable batteries would surely appeal, and judging from its success on the Palm Pre it would be a wise move.

Video chat: video chat would come in handy for conferencing and seeing your mate doing his washing while chatting to you. One crucial element for this feature to work would be the incorporation of a front facing camera, which, funnily enough.

Front-facing camera: coupled with the video chat, front-facing camera will make a whole lot of logistical sense. It would also unlock the possiblities of facial and expression recognition.

Location-sharing software: the inbuilt location-based software would work via texts and instant messages, with the user sharing their location with friends through Google Latitude.

Release date: iPhone OS 4.0 software will be of consideration to buy the next iPhone.

Bing search engine: the relations between Apple and Google are becoming frosty, especially after Google has entered the smartphone market. So will we see Bing as the iPhone's default? We’ll see.

Magic mouse-style: this will enable to use the casing for things such as controlling games without putting your thumbs over the on-screen action.

RFID antena: Apple has filed a patent showing an integrated RFID antenna, which would enable iPhone users to scan packages and dogs, to use their phones as Oyster cards, or to pay for things with a quick swipe.

More storage capacity: Apple offers 8 Gb, 16 GB and 32 GB in the previos series. 64 GB would be a magic number.

Rumours are just rumours, but those are what we expect from the next Apple smartphone. iPhone 4G or iPhone 4 will approximately be released at the period of April-June 2010.

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